Discover Can't Show data (Panw Module Filebeat)

Hi All,

I've configured the ELK system for monitoring Palo Alto Log using Filebeats Modules PANW.

i check the data index management is real time counting and grow, but when i go to Discover not showing any data.


Index Management

Thankyou All

@Xenial welcome to the community!

Go To Discover Select filebeat-* index pattern and increase the time range to say last 30 days.

Do you see anything?

Hello @stephenb , thankyou for your respond.

Today i've check my server, now data from Palo Alto log show on discover.
But i see the timestamp is wrong, timestamp not same in the real Time.

Time Stamp

Note: Redline is the real time on my country

What is your setting here.


  • All Date Fields are stored and UTC in Elasticsearch, however they can be ingested improperly if the original message / ororiginating system does not include / have the proper timezone

  • Date / Timestamp fields are displayed in Kibana according to the browser timezone setting (default)

Thankyou Very Much @stephenb , now my data from module PANW looks great.

Anyway, can you help me for another issue?