Discover data seems different from visualize data

I am trying to visualize my data that is stored in ElasticSearch. However The does not seem consistent between discover and visualize. As you can see in this discovery

when I divide the graph by significant terms only 2 terms show up, But, the image shows in the discover side there is another term that has log data that is now showing up. Additionally, if I just show significant terms I get 2 results get 2 results, but If I filter filter to a term that is not shown I still get a graph. This seems to me that the data exists but is not being shown in visualize for some reason. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?


Sorry I think I found the problem. I should be using term not significant terms

That's right, think of significant terms as the terms that are uncommonly common in the given dataset vs. the entire dataset, whereas terms is just the terms that are most common.

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