Discover empty fields fails in 4.0.2



during analysis i found some fields in my index were empty. For quality improvement in the source system (needs manual updates) i tried to discover all rows where specific fields are empty. But non of the searches return a result.
Checked already that there is definitely one row present matching the criteria.

I tried things like

_missing_: fieldname 

fieldname: NULL

Nothing works. I am using latest kibana version 4.0.2 as well as elasticsearch 1.5.2

Do i miss something?? Any suggestions??


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Syntax is:


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Also see here:



yes, tried _missing_:fieldname, but also does not return any result, although there are rows present where the named field has no content.

Any other idea??


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Sorry to necro this answer, but its one of the top results in google...

In kibana 5.2.2 the syntax seems to be !_exists_:"fieldname"

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