Discover Histogram changed to use inches (from timestamps)

I have an issue where the Discover view's histogram has suddenly changed to using inches (or what I assume is inches, since it's broken into groups of 12) as a unit for its x axis instead of the usual timestamps. It's like this in all my index patterns.
It's possible another dev clicked on something to change this, but I have no idea how to change it back!

edit: I'm using Kibana 8

Any ideas?

Nothing is Discover is "Length Unit Related"

What Version are you on? Have you upgraded Recently?

Did you draw those Gray Lines?
That looks like 2 Days of Data each Bucket is most Likely 1 Hour
Those Numbers appear to Hour of Day in 24 Hours Clock
Which make sense to me.

Did you change this?

I've been using Elastic hosted Kibana 8 for just over a week, and this was not a problem after the upgrade. I noticed it today, it wasn't like this last week.

I didn't draw any of the gray lines, it's a raw screen grab.

I haven't changed the interval from 'auto'. I tried changing it to different values, nothing got fixed.

You're right that it's probably not inches, now that I look more carefully. Here's an example of a 15 minute window:

Edit: I have tried a different browser in incognito, so I don't think it's picking up a browser preference.

When I zoom in to a short enough time interval, it's got a " after the numbers though.

Zooming in even more, it changes to 'ms'


Ahh that is a new feature in 8 (I am just learning)

See here (Yes more explanation would be good)

' = Minutes
" = Seconds

You can turn it off here

Stack Management - > Advanced Settings

That's it! Thank you.

I guess it's possible I didn't notice the change for a week, and it was like this since the upgrade!

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Oh @Philip_Nicolcev Welcome to the Community!

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BTW I let Product Know this is confusing.. you are not the only one ... they are working on some better explanation etc...

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you can follow along on the discussion on this issue - [axis] time axis minute / second notation is confusing to some users · Issue #1614 · elastic/elastic-charts · GitHub

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