Kibana discover chart section not showing correct time

good day,

my script in the backend/source server is running hourly. The behavior of my script will run every hour to capture the previous hour count. my concern is this discover chart (green bar) why it is showing 0800 time only with 2 values (1000H and 1100H)? what I though was 1 value/count for 1000H and 1 for 1100H time. I mean like 1 value for every hour.

for this sample image,
first run at 1000H to capture 0900H to 0959H of count.
2nd run at 1100H to capture 1000H to 1059H of count.

thank you

Hi @Geeboy

If you edit the visualization and open the inspector to the Request tab, can you see the correct timestamps in the response?

good day Sir @Marco_Liberati,

Im new to ES, fluentd and kibana, May I request for more steps how to edit the visualization and open the inspector to the Request tab? thank you very much Sir.

I need to query "last 6 hours" just to view all 13 data. the red line is my actual time. how to change this to hourly? because all 13 data is in 0800 time slot. for your guidance on this please. thank you


  "_source": {
    "enabled": true
  "properties": {
    "DATE": {
      "format": "yyyy-MM-dd",
      "index": true,
      "ignore_malformed": false,
      "store": false,
      "type": "date",
      "doc_values": true
    "tailed_path": {
      "type": "text",
      "fields": {
        "keyword": {
          "ignore_above": 256,
          "type": "keyword"
    "TransactionCount": {
      "type": "integer"

Data views of "Date"

sample logs from source:
2023-10-03-09 3341
2023-10-03-10 2111
2023-10-03-11 4229
2023-10-03-12 121
2023-10-03-13 2957

From Discover click the Edit visualization button on the right hand side:

Now in Lens click on the Inspect button and then the Request dropdown:

Then the response tab:

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 09.03.06

Here there's the raw response from Elasticsearch. There should be present all date histogram buckets used for charting.

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