Discover search gets more results than it should

When I filter using the Discover tab, I cannot focus my data.

If I want to search for 'Member Type A' in a particular field, I get results containing other Member Types in that field, like 'Member Type B', 'Member Type C', with the Member Type I searched for at the very top of the results.

Why Do I still see non-matching data?

The field in question is not_analyzed

Are you using the search bar itself to query for that value, or are you explicitly adding a filter for that field in Kibana?

Search bar itself, along with some time-frame adjustments.
No filtering.

Can you paste your search query?

> Member Type : Affiliate ATS Membership (US Only)

Could it be the fuzzy search is finding close matches?
Here is a screen shot.

The search bar simply exposes lucene query syntax, and I don't believe it's possible to do exact value searches with lucene without some extra effort at indexing time.

However, elasticsearch and kibana provide the ability to filter on exact matches. If you expand any of the documents, you'll see all of the fields listed. Find the field you want to filter on and click the + sign to add it as a filter. If you need to, you can edit the raw filter itself by mousing over the filter and clicking the edit icon.

Here's a short screencast for adding a filter from a doc:

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