"Discover" URL without UUID?

I would like to be able to generate Kibana URLs to include in alert messages that a user can click on to see the filtered data related to the alert.

If you construct a filter using the Kibana "discover" GUI the URL it builds for itself contains UUIDs that my software which would create the links in the alerts doesn't know about.

Is there some way to achieve what I want here?

  • An alternative syntax for Kibana URLs that uses index/pattern name rather than UUID?

  • An API into Kibana that my URL generation code can call to get told the needed UUID(s)?

  • Something else I haven't thought of?

(I see a number of similar questions with answers along the lines of "it can't be done" but none with exactly this use case, so here's hoping ...)

Hello Tim,

You can find the UUIDs for each index pattern in the .kibana index in the _id field. So for example, this is what I have for one of mine:

So you can just query the .kibana index in ES and get the data from there.

Otherwise, if you are able to recreate the index patterns, you could just create them again and set your own custom UUID. On the second page of the Create Index Pattern wizard, there is a "Show advanced options" link that will open a panel which lets you set your own custom UUID.
I would recommend this method.

Ta. Will consider these options.

How did you get that screen shot? - my Kibana won't let me create an index pattern for ".kibana" (6.3 managed AWS if that makes any difference).

There is a toggle for "show system indices" near the top. That will allow you to create and index pattern for .kibana.

So there is :rofl::+1:

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