Kibana 6.2.1 Discover URL without using index pattern ID

Hi All,

I am trying to construct a deterministic discover URL but index patterns are mapped to UUIDs and the discover URL uses this ID in the URL. Eg:


I did notice though, that for index patterns without a '*', I can replace the UUID with the pattern and the URL works, eg:


However, for patterns with a star in them, this throws an invalid URL:


If I wrap the pattern between single quotes, the URL is valid but it complains that no such pattern ID exists, eg:


What is the trick that I am missing?

P.S.: I think one way to work around this is to create an alias in elasticsearch. However, I was wondering if there is a more direct way that involves only Kibana without me having to create an alias.



great q. I'm afraid, its not really supported at the moment. I found few ref github issues around this. You can subscribe to this and follow through.


Many thanks for the answer.

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