Discovery.type : single-node but the new indexes are always : index.number_of_replicas" : "1"?


[root@STL-SAS-025 ~]# /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch --version
Version: 8.3.1, Build: rpm/b9a6b2867996ba92ceac66cb5bafc6db25e7910e/2022-06-29T18:39:55.731992798Z, JVM:

I'm having trouble understanding this result.
If someone has an explanation?



It is the default value for any index that does not have a template with this setting.

If you want your new indices to not have index.number_of_replicas set to 1, then you need to create a template that will match the index pattern name.

You can change the number of replicas at any time, it is a dynamic setting.

Thank you for your feedback.
However, I thought that when the :

Setting discovery.type as single-node doesn't change the default number of replicas for indices without a template, the default value of index.number_of_replicas will still be 1 and your cluster will be in the YELLOW state.

You will need to create or edit templates for your indices to change that behavior.

All right.
I will do that.
Thanks again.
I will leave this topic unresolved until the new indices are created at midnight.


I have created a template index of the index pattern whose index setting has the value of the number of replicas at 0 :

"number_of_replicas": "0"

Now everything works.
Thank you.



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