setting on tribe node

I'd like to confirm with the setting for on tribe node.

I have configured tribe node as below, is the IP address of the tribe node itself.

# Tribe Node Setting
# This setting will launch node client per tribe setting
  t1: japan-east ["", "", "",""]

  t2: japan-west ["", "","",""]

I usually set all the IP address of nodes on each node which consists the cluster. But for tribe node when I set the IP for the tribe node in, I get below error on the tribe node.

[2017-01-13T17:41:57,447][WARN ][o.e.d.z.UnicastZenPing   ] [node-client/t1] [1] failed send ping to {#zen_unicast_4#}{7pVBPtbcQ1GDqF7mFLB-OA}{}{}
java.lang.IllegalStateException: handshake failed, mismatched cluster name [Cluster [elasticsearch]] - {#zen_unicast_4#}{7pVBPtbcQ1GDqF7mFLB-OA}{}{}

If I exclude it's own IP address on tribe node , tribe node starts up and starts the node discovery properly.
Do you usually exclude own IP address on tribe node from

What version are you on?

I use v 5.1.2.

You may want to check that ^

I found the reason. I was sending the zen ping to the wrong port in tribe node.
After I clearly specify the host with port number, the error is gone.

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