Disk space full, addition of a new disk and data folder path in elasticsearch.yml does not start ES

Elasticsearch version (bin/elasticsearch --version): 2.1.11

JVM version (java -version): 1.8.0_91

OS version (uname -a if on a Unix-like system): SLES 11 SP4

Description of the problem including expected versus actual behavior:
I have ElasticSearch up and running with data folder path in elasticsearch.yml (data.path) and suddenly the disk space goes out of memory, adding another disk and its path in elasticsearch.yml (data.path) does not help to start elasticsearch and it gives the error .
Second data folder path is detected by ES but it does not write data in the second path which it should as disk one is out of space

There is no 2.1.16 release, you may want to check that.

Elasticsearch doesn't handle it like that. You will need to make sure there is space on the first device.

Even if we have some space on the first device, soon it will go out of space. What we need is to have data on the old disk and write new data on the second disk

Sorry, 2.1.1

If we give one Data-Folder path in elasticsearch.yml (path.data: [/opt/drive1/data]),start ES, perform write operations and disk space goes out of memory, we add another path in elasticsearch.yml (path.data: [/opt/drive1/data, /opt/drive2/data]) and start ES, ES picks up the second path and creates its base folders but does not write any data in the second path and no folders of shards can be seen in the second path.

So you mean to say, we can not have data at multiple locations at later point of time.?

The way Elasticsearch wrote to multiple paths in 2.X was not as ideal as it could be. We made improvements to it in 5.X.

There's really no easy way to recover other than make more disk space on the first drive.

Thank you so much.

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