Running out of space on main disk - will altering help?

Hey all.

I have a running single node ES that is running out of disk space. If I add another drive to the machine, format it and add it to the so I have the line:["/var/lib/elasticsearch/data", "/new/drive/mountpoint"]

in the config file, will Elasticsearch start putting data on the new drive instead of the old drive thats running out of space?

Or, would it be better to move the data in /var/lib/elasticsearch/data to the new larger drive and change the to["/"]

Would ES pick up the new data path and carry on as normal or do I have to do some voodoo magic to get it running again? :smiley:

Thanks for any advice!

Okay - figured out that it is easier than I thought thanks to these two documents:



  1. How to move Data and Logs to new directory?

All running again!