Adding more data.path after installation, Issues

We are facing space issue on elastic search /data folder. What is the process for adding new data.paths to address this. Saw some threads people sharing issues when data.paths are modified with additional location , elastic search throwing error.

  1. Is there any steps that needs to be done when new data.path is added. or if we add additional data.path location , and restart ES will it work.
  2. Any pointers, or documentation on this topic


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You need to stop the node, add the path and then restart it. Note though, that existing data will not be automatically balanced across to the new path.

Thanks, one more qstn:

Separate data folder is created because of space issue on first data folder. When data path is updated by adding second data folder, will ES still write to first folder, or start writing to second, or wait till no space on first location to write to new.

meaning, is enough space needed on both data locations ? or it will continue writing to second location without any issue when first location run out of space.

If there is still space on the original path, it will write to both paths until the first one hits the watermark.

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