Display exact field value with no aggregation

My team is wanting to use Kibana to display statistics contained in logs we generate and store in Elastic such as the number of executors used (x-axis) and the total time for that run (y-axis). I don't want to apply any type of aggregation to the values, instead I want to create a graph based on the raw values. How would I go about doing this?

How is your data stored?

If there is a 1:1 mapping of unique executor value to unique total run time (assuming your doc structure is something like { executor 'a', totalRunTime: '30' }, then you should be able to select something like Max or Min on the y-axis for the 'totalRunTime' field. If it's 1:1, max and min will have the same value. Does that make sense? Am I understanding your request correctly?

Currently our data has each metric stored in its own Elastic doc along with a runId that relates the metric to other metrics for the same run, i.e. { executors: '50', runId: 'ab19' }, { totalRunTime: '30', runId: 'ab19' }

One of our team members is currently working on consolidating our metrics into one document for a 1:1 mapping while we explore a solution for our current mapping. Good to know once our mapping is 1:1 we can use Min or Max to pull the value.

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