Display kibana charts based on db fields or document fields

Hi Team,

we are trying to plot a chart in Kibana . Heat map chart & bubble chart in kibana. We have an index created in elastic search. Below is the snapshot of the index data that is available in elastic search

•	index: "logstash-risk_scoretest1",
•	_type: "logs",
•	_id: "AVZu-IHvqRbLxoPZl9xf",
•	_score: 1,
•	_source: 
o	message: "3,MPM,2.4,40.00 ",
o	@version: "1",
o	@timestamp: "2016-08-09T11:03:13.913Z",
o	path: "D:\application_index.csv",
o	host: "Blr228D",
o	index: "3",
o	application_name: "MPM",
o	risk_score: "2.4",
o	def_vol: "40.00"

While plotting the graph in kibana, we would directly like to plot the def_vol field along the y axis and plot the graph. But the option of plot the selected field is not available . Before selecting the y axis field name, it seems that we should mandatorly select the Aggregation. But we donot want any aggregation and directly wanted to select the field name for y axis and plot the graph .

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Without an aggregation, you will be shipping down every record in Elasticsearch.

To control the precision you can modify the interval for the date histogram.