Display kibana charts based on db fields or document fields

(Vajreswari) #1

Hi Team,

we are trying to plot a chart in Kibana . Heat map chart & bubble chart in kibana. We have an index created in elastic search. Below is the snapshot of the index data that is available in elastic search

•	index: "logstash-risk_scoretest1",
•	_type: "logs",
•	_id: "AVZu-IHvqRbLxoPZl9xf",
•	_score: 1,
•	_source: 
o	message: "3,MPM,2.4,40.00 ",
o	@version: "1",
o	@timestamp: "2016-08-09T11:03:13.913Z",
o	path: "D:\application_index.csv",
o	host: "Blr228D",
o	index: "3",
o	application_name: "MPM",
o	risk_score: "2.4",
o	def_vol: "40.00"

While plotting the graph in kibana, we would directly like to plot the def_vol field along the y axis and plot the graph. But the option of plot the selected field is not available . Before selecting the y axis field name, it seems that we should mandatorly select the Aggregation. But we donot want any aggregation and directly wanted to select the field name for y axis and plot the graph .

Any help on this is much appreciated.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Without an aggregation, you will be shipping down every record in Elasticsearch.

To control the precision you can modify the interval for the date histogram.

(system) #3