Plotting raw data on a graph

I've seen this question a few times, but not too recently. Hoping something has changed since the answers I've seen.

I'm trying to plot actual data on a line graph, not a avg/count/max, etc.

My use case is medical lab data. I have a lab test, with 10 different results/dates. I'd like to show the lab test over time. So the X-axis would be date and the Y-axis would be result. I'd have several graphs, one for each test (cholesterol, A1C, weight, etc.)

Is there any way to do this with elasticsearch/Kibana??

@skiefer as far as I know the only place where we "support" a visualization without aggregate the data is in a search type visualization, the one you have in the discover (considering that you did not apply any aggregation when ingest data into the elasticsearch). Than you could just save it if you want.

For all the other visualizations we did not render them without aggregate them but please note that would be an aggregation applied at query time, not at ingestion time :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your response. Yes, all my data is loaded as raw data, like a database. I thought I could use Kibana to visualize this data (as I described).

I did play around with the Discover Searches. And yes, I can get the textual results in the bottom half of the screen, but the visual graph still only allows for aggregated charting. (ie. I don't see any way to change the y-axis from 'Count'.

Is there a way to write custom visuals that DO use the raw data?

@skiefer the search visualization is the textual list itself, is the only place where you can actually have the non aggregated data. In the the available Kibana chart visualizations there is no way to plot them without aggregated data.

If you think about developing your own plugin I think it would be possible. You'll have to load the datapoints in the same way we did in the Kibana's discover and then plot it in a raw chart library and finally embedding it in a visualization. You could found valuable info here I think:

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