Can I plot raw values from fields as is in X/Y axis rather than aggregration?

I have four fields indexed (clientname (string), clientusage (number), clientmaxlimit (number), stamp (timestamp). I want to plot client usage over the time against its maxlimit. I am not able to do so as Kibana not allowing raw values to choose as X/Y axis. Any suggestion how to plot this kind of pattern ?

Note: multiple clients have multiple thresholds and their usage will vary day to day

Hi Schand,

I asked a similar question recently and Tim kindly pointed me at why the display of raw (unaggregated data) isn't possible with Kibana and what some potential solutions might be.

Take a look at this link:


Thx Steve for reply.

I solved my problem by using Visual builder in Time series. It helped me to plot the things the way i want.


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