Kibana visualizations with terms on Y-axis but without aggregations


I have been struggling since few days to create a timeline chart which contains only terms (not aggregations) on Y-axis and time periods on X-axis. My data contains fields like timestamp, some server names and their statuses (0 or 1) in a table. Please let me know how we can display the status of each server (on Y-axis) at different time periods (on X-axis).

After few trials, I came up with a visualization which is showing just the count of server statuses as aggregations(i.e., count of 0's and count of 1's). But I want timeline chart which contains just status value on Y-axis and time on X-axis without any aggregations in any axis. Please find the attached image for the graph created which is not useful for us to analyse server status over time periods.

To do this you'll need to try out Canvas, and create a bar chart using "Elasticsearch raw documents" as your data source:

Dear Lukas,

Thank you for the information provided. I have used Canvas and was able to get a graph without aggregations. But, isn't it possible to add multiple fields in a single axis. For example, I need time on X-axis, Server name on Y-axis and server status at particular time period (may be on X-axis).

Please find the attached graph where I was able to denote only server name and time period.

Dear @lukas,

Could you help please me on this topic?

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