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is there a way to say to display label to looking for in other index in order to display it ?

For example : we have a facets in elasticsearch with ip adress like and we want that it display 'AD server' instead of '' and it looking for in another index where there is the correspondance between name et ip adress.

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This is a specific example of a broader problem I call "computers want IDs, people want labels".
All visualisations in Kibana could benefit from such a label-lookup service but it potentially comes at a performance cost so there are currently no plans to fix this.

In these sorts of situations I generally advise that you make keyword fields which combine the ID part (which makes the entity unique) with the label (which makes it human-readable) into a single string e.g. "[58281946] John Smith"

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thanks !
is there another plugin/solution which do that ?

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Not to my knowledge

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