Custom labels on the Right side panel

Hello everyone,
I am trying to custom the labels on the right-side panel in Kibana in order to have a custom name instead of the IP address, that way its easier to get an exact location instead of memorizing all the IP address.
I attached a screenshot of what I mean, please help.!

You can use the static lookup field formatter in the index pattern settings.

Sorry @lukas Im new at Elastic Stack not sure what you mean. Do you know of an article that I can read about it? or can you explain a little bit more?

I just realized that you're dealing with an IP field so it won't actually work until is merged.

If you go to Management, then Index Patterns, select your index pattern, then edit the field in question, you can select different "field formatters" to display your data in a specific way. One of those is the "static lookup", which will allow you to do what you've suggested (i.e. display specific IP addresses as custom names).


@lukas so with the IPs there is no static lookup option right now? is what I am understanding?, the .js code on the link you provide, where it goes?

That's correct, the link I sent above fixes this so that there will be this option for IP addresses, but it won't be released until 7.5. Alternatively you could create a scripted field that returns the value as a string, and then you could use the static lookup.

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