Display multiple values in vertical bar graph


I have a document that contains a minimum value, average value and maximum value inside.

I want to display those three values in the same bar in the x-axis, displaying in green the minimum value, blue the average, and red the maximum

If my values are 3,5,10 for the minimum, average and maximum, i expected to see a green part from 0 to 3, a blue part from 3 to 5, and a red one for 5 to 10. However, the values are displayed as a the sum of those. It is, green from 0-3, blue from 3-8 and red from 8-18

Is there any configuration to do the visualisation i want to have?


Hi. Is there anybody that could help with this?


Sorry this went under the radar a little bit! There is only one option to see multiple bars like you're asking for, and that done by switching to the "Metrics and Axes" tab and switching the metrics mode to "normal", which puts the bars next to each other. If you really want to show them all stacked vertically I recommend you try using a line chart instead.

I usually use lines when I'm showing min/avg/max on the same chart, and like to make the average a little thicker, and the min/max a little thinner like so:

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Sounds like it will be a good enhancement. Should i raise that in git?

You're welcome to give it a shot, but keep in mind that Kibana has to be pretty generic and this feature is really only useful when you have sets of data that always overlap each other (min <= avg<= max). Most users won't have that, and the UI for communicating that would be pretty tricky I think, so I think lines might be your only option for a while.

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