How to show three point in single line in bar graph

The chart is depicting fictional fruit consumption data, with the minimum, maximum and median values for each month of 2019.
Can we active this chart in kibana?

This type of chart is not available out of the box in Kibana. The data fetching part is rather easy, you would just need to add three metrics for the same field (min/max/avg), but the visualization part is more difficult.

You can try to use the Kibana Vega integration - you are very flexible there, but it might be rather hard to create the chart. This is a close example

With the regular visualization types you can get close with a line chart with three metrics hiding the lines - this shows just the dots, not the lines between them

Thanks for the response.
Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-23-25
The above chat two x-axis bucket one is the barcode and another component-id. In y-axis volume and median of the volume.

I am able to draw first leave volume but not able to draw the median of the volume of barcode.

This looks like a new question. Please create a separate post if you have other questions unrelated to the topic of your post.

okay. Created new one How to create the similar chart

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