Display scripted field in Kibana 7.10 reporting

Hi all,

I have a requirement that i need to create a report based on Kibana discover. (in csv format). But in this report i need to add scripted field inside. As i know scripted field cannot use in reporting and they will return as empty (both column and field). So is there any other alternative ? I tried to use Transform index from menu but it seems that i don't work since "Transform" is more on aggregation based whenever my case is more on 1:1 document transform.

Any suggestion?


Not sure where you get this info, but in 7.10 I could generate a CSV report with an scripted field without issues. I used the kibana sample data flights dataset that contains a hour_of_day scripted field and I could generate a CSV report from Discover.

Peek 2022-06-28 17-12

Maybe you left some details on your issue description?

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