Display static link in Data Table visualization

We have a Visualization using DataTable for displaying Interface Metric which basically consists of the following:

Interface Type (Bucket)
Last Accessed (MAX)
Hits (SUM) - Scripted Field
Failures (SUM) - Scripted Field

We would like to display static URL per Interface Type which would navigate Dashboard Operator to Support Page for the Interface. Would like to hear how to achieve this.

We have explored the "Template URL" feature of the Scripted Field. It allows us to configure a single static URL. The only configurability allowed in "Template URL" is {{value}} which is value of the Scripted Field. If it allowed value of another field in document to be accessed; URL Template could be configured using {{field.value}} syntax.

Kibana DataTable Visualization can display only aggregate metrics, separate column for displaying URL is also not feasible.

What if you used a custom formatter for the Interface Type field, and used the URL formatter? Would that accomplish what you're asking?

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