Displaying numbers as 1M,1B,1K in kibana

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I'm are using Visual builder to show some metrices over the time, as these number are very big I have customized the format as "0.0a"

It shows the number in proper format ,but the issue is with the abbreviation
How can this abbreviations be changed to Uppercase?
Instead of "7.70b" I would like to display it as "7.70B"


Seeking help!

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HI @RamyaGowda
In TSVB there is an option to format automtically Bytes into KB, MB, TB ....


Thanks for your reply !

I'm trying to display number in form on millions, billions not Bytes.


Other than the a formatter option you found, and the existing b formatter, your only other option is to set a fixed unit using TSVB. For example to convert to millions you can divide by 1000000 and then append the suffix "M".

Hi @wylie,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: but this doesn't solve the purpose.
Let's say number of events in last 1 hour are 10000 , for the smaller granularity like 5mins to 1hour for an example 10000/1000000 = 0.01M is not very proper way of displaying metrics in a monitoring system.

Is there any workaround for this apart from this method.


You still have an option to use Markdown in TSVB and apply a custom CSS to your metric

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Your awesome, this trick worked for me :slight_smile:


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