Distorted Heatmap visualization

(Andrew) #1

In some cases when opening a dashboard with a heat map visualization, the image is profoundly distorted. However, after I zoom-in, the image will normalize. Using Version: 6.1.3

(Joe Fleming) #2

Looks like this is a bug, and there's already an open issue in the repo: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/15708

I encourage you to share this information there, and provide any other useful information not already provided.

(Andrew) #3

Thank you, this is exactly the same issue. Any idea if it has been addressed and when we can expect the fix?

(Joe Fleming) #4

The issue is still open, so it's still a bug. I have no idea if it's on the roadmap though, or if maybe it'll get fixed during one of the broader bug fix efforts. As you can see in the issue list, there's no shortage of things to fix :wink:.

(system) #5

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