Do too many indexes (like .monitoring-kibana-6-2017.09.11 or .monitoring-es-6-2017.09.11) slow down the index and search?

these indexes are auto created by monitoring in x-pack.

They are auto created by the Monitoring functionality in X-Pack.

What license level do you have?

I have basic license

If you have basic license (Free) it will store only seven day indices. There is no concept of too many i think

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What do you mean?

ok , I'll see it after seven days, may be it will deleted automatically

Whenever I saw GET _cat/indices it maintain only seven days data.

For monitoring kibana (7 indices) and ES (7 indices)

also for monitoring logstash (7 indices) ?

:slight_smile: Didnt tried upto now. Might be the same.

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