Do you need LDAP setting for client node?

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I am planning to use LDAP authentication for x-pack security.

However, I am running coordinator node in between kibana and uniform nodes.

Do you also need LDAP setting on coordinator node as well?

(Tim Vernum) #2

It depends a little on your architecture, but the short answer is that you need to configure an LDAP realm on any Elasticsearch node that receives requests directly from clients (over the REST API, or Java Transport).

Nodes that do not receive direct connections from clients (and only communicate with other Elasticsearch nodes) typically do not need an LDAP realm, but they will need local role definitions.

I'm sorry if that's a little vague, but it really is quite dependant on your local environment.

The simplest approach is to configure the LDAP realm on every node, assuming that they all have network access to the LDAP server.

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Got it . Thanks.

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