Docker - how to run a Kibana container with specific index


I need to run a kibana container with index named extract_logs (I am new user of Docker).

How can I do that ? Should I put KIBANA_INDEX= in docker run or should I put it in the Dockerfile ?

docker run --name kibana -e ELASTICSEARCH_URL= KIBANA_INDEX=... -p 5602:5601 -d kibana_test

Thanks for advance :smiley:

Hi there, when you say run Kibana with the extract_logs index, do you mean that you want to create this index in Elasticsearch? If so, then does this data already exist as an Elasticsearch snapshot that you can then restore, or is it possible to create a snapshot of it?


Hello @cjcenizal,

Yes I would like to create an index in my Elasticsearch. Is that possible ?

You usually use Logstash to create your index but you can also use Beats or the Elastic Search API as well..

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