Docker pull getting "authentication required"

Can anyone replicate?

Apologies but there is not much to replicate as you haven't shared anything with us. Can you please go through our documentation for running Elasticsearch in docker and see if you missed anything?

Hi Ioannis,

After I run

docker pull

I receive

Error response from daemon: Get EOF

the url leads to
{"errors":[{"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","message":"authentication required","detail":null}]}

This is the first step in the documentation right? Are there steps specified elsewhere that I could be missing?

Hi there, there appears to be a transient issue with and we're looking into it

google seems to indicate that users ran into this issue march 2019... maybe it's an annual thing? :wink:

I actually misspoke earlier today, there is no transient issue with . Could it be there is a firewall or proxy in your network messing with the connection ( see a simlar issue here )? Can you i.e. pull or search images from other registries ?

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