Unable to pull from docker registry due to authentication error ... again

Hello it seems that this problem is somehow recurrent. Now it appears again:

docker pull docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-oss:6.7.1
Error response from daemon: Get https://docker.elastic.co/v2/: authenticationrequired

Is this still happening?

Hello. In fact after digging some more into the topic here is what is happening:

  1. If I go through my enterprise "docker repository proxy" I get the auth error
  2. If I go directly on internet to the public repo I can get the image with: docker pull docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-oss:6.7.1

What I noticed is that if from the browser I try to access the catalog of the repository: https://docker.elastic.co/v2/_catalog I get the authentication error (and is not from an enterprise forwarding proxy that I have because I tried on my home pc without any proxies or whatever)
So I imagine that somehow the enterprise docker proxy repository is trying to query the catalog before downloading and caching the image and it fails with the AUTH error.
Is it possible that the API's of your docker repository will not require authentication? Because otherwise I cannot see how enterprise environments will be able to use elastic images because in most the cases each enterprise has it's own docker proxy repo.

Thx a lot!

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