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"[Metricbeat Docker] Overview ECS" dashboard values are different from values displayed by "docker stats" command, even if I filter the exact host and container.
Is there any way to show docker stats values in kibana?

Metricbeat = 7.3.2
Docker = 18.06.1-ce


Hi @Gravador_Monitor,

apologies for the late reply.

Currently, not all metrics that are available through docker stats are picked up by metricbeat's docker module. To see what a specific metricset includes, see the documentation here:

If a certain metric you're looking for is being reported by metricbeat, but not included in the dashboard, you can create your own visualizations as described here:


This PR went into the recently released 7.4 to add some metrics to the docker module:

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Thanks Sonja!

One more question: Its possible use cAdvisor to send metrics to ElasticSearch service in the Cloud?

Hi @Gravador_Monitor,

yes, as cAdvisor exports Prometheus metrics they can be fetched using the Metricbeat Prometheus collector:

hope that helps!

& cheers,

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Very thank you Sonja!!!

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