Docs out of interval


my elasticsearch is running on a windows server 2016 (version 7.0) incl. kibana and logstash
Currently i visualized the memory usage some processes by different uses. The processes are running on CentOS and i am using Metricbeat to send them into elasticsearch.
The memory count of the processes are working fine, but if 1 user is terminating his process my memory usage of the second process doubles. I looked into the discover section at kibana and realized that when ProcessA is terminated the doc count for process doubles?! I am recieving my docs usually every 10 seconds -> for example 08:10, 08:20 and so on and when ProcessA is terminated i am also recieving docs between that interval.
When ProcessA is started everything is working as it should and my visualisation is working!

The two processes are different processes and were started by two different users.

I hope somebody can help my with my case, and if you need some code snippets please tell me!

Thank you!

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