Document deletion is painfully slow with self-hosted app-search

I'm currently testing app-search locally and have setup ES + App Search latest version (7.5.1). I'm also making use of the official PHP client: to test.

I added about 2500 records (documents) in an engine and later decided to delete all of them. Since deleting the engine won't delete the documents, I decided loop over each document and delete them using IDs.

Turns out that deleting each document is painfully slow - taking about ~2 seconds for each. I also tried feeding array of 100 Ids to delete; but it still takes about the same time.

Is this the expected behavior? Is there any way to speed this up?

PS: Also want to know if the self-hosted app-search is limited to indexing 100,000 documents?

Hi @The-Big-K

Deleting the engine should the documents.

No, there is no limit like that. I just did a bit testing and noticed the document count shown in the dashboard can get out of sync but once a new document is added or removed this count should be fixed.

@orhantoy- the document count isn't updating even after adding / deleting document and is far lesser than the actual number of documents indexed.

PS: Could this be because of misconfigured filebeat? I've created another discussion: Unable to view Analytics and API Logs : Is Filebeat running well?

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