Documentation license

I'm seeking clarification about what is the license under which Elasticsearch documentation is released. Apparently some documentation (definitive guide) is under Creative Commons ( but that'd mean documentation cannot be used for anything else and also that it cannot be modified; however, the actual documentation for Elasticsearch lacks information about what is the definitive license for it.

The reference documentation is hosted on the website so as far as I know it is covered by that website's terms of use.

If you want to do something that isn't covered by these terms, or you have specific questions about what you legally can and cannot do with the documentation, you can email the legal team at

I see you also opened an issue on Github about this. The source for the documentation is hosted in Github, and the licence for this is Apache 2 since there is no LICENSE file present anywhere in the docs subtree:

Outside of the "x-pack" folder, source code in a given file is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, unless otherwise noted at the beginning of the file or a LICENSE file present in the directory subtree declares a separate license.

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