Documentation on pushing a custom agent to Elastic packages artifactory

I would like to develop an custom agent and push to our own Elastic packages artifactory

Hi @hari_ibm,

Welcome to the community! Can you some more details on what you are trying to do? Are you running in an airgapped environment or on cloud?

There is some documentation here on setting up your own Elastic registry and pushing your agents there, or accessing the main Elastic registry via a policy. Let us know if that's the documentation you are looking for.

Thanks a lot @carly.richmond

QQ: Do we have any option other than docker workflow? Is there any detailed docs on building/ pushing custom agents to my private elastic registry

There is an upload API for Fleet that can be used as well. There are details in this related thread if that helps.

Thanks @carly.richmond

Can you point me to the documentation on developing custom integration? @carly.richmond

Have a look at the integration developer guide and see if that gives you the information you need.

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