Does elastic cloud provide any specific IP address for the deployment?

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Does elastic cloud provide any specific IPs for the deployment that we create? If we have to whitelist the traffic into our office network we might need specific Ip address to configure. If elastic cloud is not providing any specific Ip address, what might be the possible solution?

Got the list of IP addresses from Thanks.

Hi @surya_dadi_dhamarake

Just to be clear (and avoid surprises), those IP addresses are only for the Hosted Synthetics Features and are not related to actual Elastic Cloud Deployment (Clusters etc)

With respect to your initial question Please see here:

We have requirements around restricting access by adding firewall rules to only allow access to certain IP addresses from our Infosec team. Do you provide static IP addresses for the endpoints on Elasticsearch Service?
The IP addresses used for deployment endpoint access are not static because they map to the Network Load Balancers (NLBs) hosted by us in each region. IP addresses assigned to cloud resources can change without notice. This could be initiated by cloud providers with no knowledge to us. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use firewall rules to allow or restrict certain IP ranges. If you do wish to secure communication for deployment endpoints on Elasticsearch Service, please use Private Link. You can add firewall rules to allow the domains for your cluster and other deployment endpoints (for example Kibana and APM). The domains map to IP addresses, but this approach might also have risks depending on how recent the lookup is and on the Time To Live (TTL) for the DNS lookup.

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