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Hello all,

I've created a new deployment on Elastic cloud (Eslasticsearch Service) running on Amazon AWS.

Now, I have some doubts about it:

  • Is it possible to assign a static IP to this deployment?
  • And even more, is it possible to manage this deployment in Amazon AWS console? (I know that there are some parameters that you can manage in the Elastic cloud page, but I want to get more control on this deployment)

This is because I have another AWS machine, with an Elastic server 1.7.1 running on it, that is restricted by IP. I want to make a reindex from remote and the ES 1.7.1 need to be accesible from the new Elasticsearch Service. This is the reason I need to make this IP as static. Or to find a solution that covers my problem.

Thanks in advance!


(Mark Walkom) #2

No it's not.

Can you not use a URL instead of an IP?

(andy_zhou) #3

use aws aip to manage it.

(Miguel Ángel) #4

Hi @warkolm.

I think is not possible to allow a URL in the Security Group rules of Amazon AWS :frowning:

Anyway, thank you very much for your response :wink:

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Hi @zqc0512,

Sorry but what do you mean with AWS AIP? I'm afraid I'm not know this tool :frowning:

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