Does Elasticsearch fit my project?

Hi, I've been working on a project for a while. Recently, we've decided to build a system for logging and analyzing.

About Project
It's an online game project and type is MMORPG. Since it's a MMORPG, there'd be billions of data/log. In addition, the game written in Java language.

What We Need
We do not need a primary database. We use one of the NoSQL database for user stats like their name, level, friends etc. We need to log player actions like when they logged in, how much they spent in-game current at specific time interval, their chat/messaging logs, their location history etc.

Does Elasticsearch fit my use purpose?

Feel free to ask me anything about the project. I'd like to answer it for finding solution.

This seems like a very good use case and some of the major game developers like Blizzard use it for very similar purposes.


Thanks for the information!

I'd like to ask few more questions to you,

  1. As you can guess, we do not want to expire data. We want to see past 10 years. Can Elasticsearch handle/manage this?
  2. If it's possible, we do not want to use another database for metrics. Can Elasticsearch work with TSD(Time Series Data) and querying fastly? (Example querying; first 100 in-game item which has sold for over 100,000 in-game curreny in a month)

As a game company, we are careful about choosing tools. Because of that, we've to ask questions as much as possible.

Honestly you listed two of the major features and attractions to Elastic.

Storing time series data for long periods of time with extremely fast searching and aggregated across a large data set. Elastic is distributed so the capacity and speed of search is really only limited on your budget for the infrastructure you are putting it on.

When you are ready there is 14 day free trial for the Elastic Cloud services. Or of course you can download, install, and test on your own machines for free.

Also we do have a large sales team that can give you specifics and help guide you in the right direction if you were interested in contacting them.


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