Does logstash 2.2.2-1 has backward compatibility with ES-1.5?

I installed logstash-2.2.2-1.noarch.rpm and trying to connect managed Elastic Search cluster (version: 1.5.2), it failing with error:
[408] {:class=>"Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::Errors::RequestTimeout", :level=>:error}

*i verified with curl -XGET and cluster is reachable from instance.

Log file indicates that logstash is looking for ES 2.5.1?

From log:

Please confirm if logstash2.2.2-1 can connect to ES-1.5.2


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Yes, but use the HTTP protocol, not transport.

Thanks, let me give that a try.

output {
hosts => "xyz"
protocol => "http"

It's an error:
Unknown setting 'protocol' for elasticsearch {:level=>:error}

Oh, remove the protocol part and you should be good.

Nup, then it will through that transport error, earlier i was not using protocol.

If you're on LS 2.X, using the elasticsearch output defaults to HTTP.
I'd remove the logstash-output-elasticsearch-2.5.1-java plugin.

Ok, let me try that.
BTW, i tried http://xyz as my ES (instead of https) and it threw an exception
exception (org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException)

But this time i know the reason, logstash added port 80 by default. and it won't work in my case.


I guess it was not using the plugin.

/opt/logstash/bin/plugin uninstall logstash-output-elasticsearch-2.5.1-java
ERROR: Uninstall Aborted, message: This plugin has not been previously installed, aborting

what else i can try?


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