Elasticsearch 1.6.0 and Logstash 1.5.2 compatibility issues

(Toddy Mladenov) #1


I just downloaded the latest versions of ES (1.6.0) and LS (1.5.2) and am experiencing issues with parsing logs with LS and indexing with ES. The config file for LS works properly as I tested it with console output but when I try to send the output to ES I get "Invalid version format" exception in ES.
After some poking around I figured out that the internal ES version for LS 1.5.2 is ES 1.5.1 and this will not work with ES 1.6.0 however after downloading ES 1.5.1 I started hitting other error "Empty text" or something.
Is there any compatibility matrix that can be used to reference versions that work together?


(Mark Walkom) #2

Can you post the complete errors you are seeing, along with your config?

Also try using the HTTP protocol and see if that helps.

(Toddy Mladenov) #3

Thanks Mark! Using HTTP helped.


(system) #4