Upgrading ES and LS: compatibilities and upgrade order

We currently have LS 1.4.2 and ES 1.5.1 in production. We're looking at upgrading to the current versions on each (LS 2.3.2, ES 2.3.2).

Are there any compatibility issues between the old/new versions of each software?
E.g. LS 1.4.2 with ES 2.3.2.
Or LS 2.3.2 with ES 1.5.1.

If there are no compatibility issues between versions, is there a best order to upgrade? There may be a reason we haven't considered. As far as I can tell there is no difference between doing ES or LS first in our case. We've always used HTTP in the ES output plugin.

I assume the v5.0 is still a ways off so there's no point waiting for that, right?


Also, is Kibana 3 still compatible with ES 2.3.2 by using http.cors.enabled: true in the ES config?
We will be upgrading to Kibana 4 too.

Due to the difference in Lucene version between ES 1.x and 5.x, you will need to upgrade via ES 2.x. ES 2.x is also not compatible with Kibana 3 - see this page for further details.

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Thanks, I was unaware of that compatibility page.