Upgrading - Compatibility Elasticsearch 2.x, mappings

(Luca Wintergerst) #1


I would like to update my elasticserach to the latest version, but have a few questions.

Can I still use Kibana 3.x (we use 3 and 4 in parallel at the moment, but more 3)

or do I HAVE to use Kibana 4?

I also currently have some mapping issues to take care of. What would happen if I delete all indices with issues, start ES 2.0 and then try to index fields with dots in the name? Will ES just refuse to index them?



(Mark Walkom) #2

ES 2.0 only support KB 4.2.

And yes, it will reject document with those fields.

(Luca Wintergerst) #3

Thanks, that helps a lot

(system) #4