Does remote cluster with proxy mode support high availability

Hello Team,

we are implementing remote cluster with proxy mode. we have noticed that we could able to add only one node as proxy_address and its opened 18 socket connection to the same node.

we are not able to search the data if configured proxy_address node is down.

how we can add more proxy_address for high availability

curl https://localhost:9200/_remote/info?pretty
"cluster" : {
"connected" : false,
"mode" : "proxy",
"proxy_address" : "remote_cluster:9300",
"server_name" : "",
"num_proxy_sockets_connected" : 0,
"max_proxy_socket_connections" : 18,
"initial_connect_timeout" : "30s",
"skip_unavailable" : true

The proxy address is resolved via DNS on each connection attempt, and connection attempts are retried 3 times, so you can achieve high availability by setting it to a DNS name that resolves to multiple addresses in a round-robin fashion.

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