Does Spring Boot 3.1 require Elasticsearch 8?

Hey, quick question.

We're working on an application that is currently using java 11, spring boot 2.7 and elasticsearch 7.17.10.

We are migrating to java 17 and spring boot 3.1. Recently we stumbled upon a document that kind of suggests that with those changes, we will need to migrate to elasticsearch 8.x. However, we do not use Spring Data Elasticsearch.

This is the article: Spring Data Elasticsearch - Reference Documentation

Question: Do we really need to migrate to Elasticsearch 8.x? Does Elasticsearch require version 8 in order to be compatible with Java 17/ Spring Boot 3?

We will need to do this in future, for sure, however we would like to postpone it so we're wondering if that's really necessary right now.

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Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

How are you connecting

How are you connecting with / integrating with Elasticsearch.

Are you using the Elasticsearch Java Client? Or something else... If so, I don't think those requirements are relevant.

Those requirements if you use the Spring Data Elasticsearch if I'm reading that correctly. The elastic team does not own/control that code base.

I would also suggest to take a look at

Hey @stephenb , thanks for your answer!

We are not using Spring Data Elasticsearch, we are only using Elasticsearch Java Client. This article was also confusing to us a little bit. Does it mean that we can skip elasticsearch migration to version 8? (at least for now). It looks like we could.

According to the Elasticsearch / JVM matrix ES 7.17.10 with JVM 17 is supported.

There is no requirement for 8.x as far as I can tell.

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That's what I thought. Thank you @stephenb

We will proceed without Elasticsearch 8.x upgrade, however I will get back to this post with an update, if something interesting will surprise us :slight_smile:

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But Don't Wait forever to get to 8.x ... Lots ... Lots of excellent capabilities waiting for you and our team. :slight_smile:

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For sure we will migrate at some point, it's already on our roadmap :slight_smile:

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