Don't auto discard unsaved work to log back in


I started to use Kibana 7.8.1 a few days ago and even though I think it's a great tool overall, I would like to report a misfeature I just ran in:

Two hours ago I was working in several browser tabs on a visualization and a complex query in the "Discover" section, then I thought I could just lock my computer and go for lunch. Big mistake! Upon coming back, my token has expired so all of my tabs automatically switch to the login page.

After logging back in, I am back to the home screen and if I go to the Discover or Visualize sections, my work has disappeared, in all tabs. If I try to go "back" in my browser history, I see previous versions of my work appear briefly before being unhelpfully updated to nothingness. Pretty frustrating!

So there, I would suggest that logging back in keep unsaved changes, or at least that one can go back in the browser and find the queries unchanged.

Thanks for reading my rant :slight_smile:

Hi @nahoj, sorry to hear about your trouble with this, it does sound frustrating.
Kibana 7.8.1 is quite old (over a year!) and we've made many improvements and a few bugfixes to authentication and redirects since then.
If you are able to upgrade to a more recent version of Kibana I think that you won't experience these problems anymore -- any information stored in the URL should be retained when you log back in.

This is interesting and I'm not sure what could be causing it. Do you still see your query in the URL, or does that disappear too?

Sorry I don't have much to suggest, I do think your best bet would be to upgrade Kibana. But if you do upgrade and you are still experiencing issues like this, you can post here or file a bug report on GitHub and we'll definitely look into it!

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Thank you for your answer. I tried to reproduce the going-back bug and couldn't (upon going back I find my query as I left it). Maybe there were special circumstances such as the server being rebooted by my administrator. I will report if I experience it again on a more recent version.

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