Doubt about complex query

Hello everyone

I am a beginner in kibana and I'm having trouble setting up a query to generate a metric in Kibana. But I don't know if I'm structuring it wrong or if the query isn't even possible

Giving a little context:
I have an email tracking system where I count on elasticsearch some values ​​such as: batch, userID, type, productId and a "maxItensInMail" which is the quantity of products recommended per batch / user
And my goal is to set up a query that demonstrates the adherence of clicks on the products vs the recommended amount in the email

Today this data comes in a single field in the url format:

User = 1 opening 3 products from the lot = 1234 from an email containing 8 recommendations

Records in elasticsearch:

I can do a general query filtering by batch and algorithm but the problem I am facing now is how I get the unique hits by users (agg by batch & type) and divide it by "maxItensInMail" (which is a data that is repeated)

But my final goal is to use the return of this query to plot a bloxplot in the kibana using Vega

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can proceed?

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