Doubt on how dashboard is selecting the index

I have 3 indices namely index_1, index_2, index_3.

I have downloaded the dashboard by not selecting the include related objects switch from Management > saved objects > export [switch off include related objects] > My dashboard

Now, I have changed the dashboard uuid with my custom uuid and in the dashboard file i dont see any index related data. I have re-uploaded it again, now it has selected to work on index_1.

How has it selected index_1, when i did not mention any index id or name anywhere?? and if i want to change it to index_2, how can i do it?

Attaching the dashboard file for reference.

Dashboard .ndjson file

Hi @manojkrishna561994,

Index pattern is referenced from visualisation and not from a dashboard object directly.

As an example: you could have a dashboard with multiple visualisations of data from different index patterns.

Dashboard ----> Visualisation 1 ----> index_1
--------------> Visualisation 2 ----> index_2

I hope this is helpful and gets you into right direction

Thanks Anton for your reply.

I have understood it like, my Kibana instance is already having these visualisations with indexes matching to it.
I hope you have seen the dashboard file for which i have put the link.

Now, If i upload this dashboard file in a fresh kibana instance with no visualisations in in it, then this dashboard might not work right? correct me if im wrong.


Yes, exactly.

In your file there is references to visualisations:


And that export won't work, if your kibana is missing visualisation with id dd7337d0-797d-11ea-b521-59fdf02d9efc (and other).

The index pattern is actually referenced inside a visualisation object with id dd7337d0-797d-11ea-b521-59fdf02d9efc (and others) but there is no such object in your export. (because you turned of "export related object")

Thanks Anton it clarified.

Reg the dashboard itself im facing issue when i did management>export [full]dashboard> dashboard.ndjson and im trying to re-upload it using REST API's then im getting 400 error like Child attribute is not accepted or value should be in array. Could you pls help in resolving this issue.

Here is the link for the question asked. Issue with reusing dashboard on another index

Hi @manojkrishna561994,

let's continue here: Issue with reusing dashboard on another index as it seems like more generic discussion.

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