Drill down in bar vertical stacked in Lens Visuaization gives incorrect output from the parent dashboard

I have created a bar vertical stacked graph to get the response status codes (HTTP 200s, 300s, 400s and 500s). I have applied a drill down through which we can filter through the http code in the drill down dashboard which is a dashboard containing the filtered response codes. However, in the vertical stacked bar I see that there is 74 documents for status code 200 but when I look into the drill down dashboard it shows 76 documents. The number of documents mismatches with the number from the parent dashboard. How can I fix this issue?

One thing you can do to identify it is by adding a data table to the same dashboard.

So, once you have drill down or filtered the response codes, you will be able to see the documents also filtered in the data table. In that way you can identify which are the 2 logs extra which are creating a problem or why are they populating.

I have implemented your idea and it did help me find out the problem. Thank you!

The problem is that each bar from the vertical stacked bar graph has the values for 200s, 300s, 400s and 500s. Now when I click the value for 200s then it should filter and take me to the table displaying only the 200s status codes but it actually shows the summation of all the documents received in that bar (time frame) of 200s, 300s, 400s and, 500s. How can I fix this issue?

Rather than choosing Stacked Bar, try using different visualization like Pie Chart or just Vertical Bar and not the Stacked Vertical/Horizontal.

Also, note that you need to aggregate on the status code field you have.

Then, once you click on one of the bar, it should filter only the value you clicked on.


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