Drill down visualization for json data that contains nested structure

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I am looking for a solution and my use case is similar to the discussion (above link ). Could you please let me know if there is any solution/workaround for it?

My sample data looks like below:

 "Number of requests": 30,
            "Number of requests": 40,
                      "Number of requests": 60,

So, I need to create a visualization that shows the no.of requests at each level.
The first pie chart would have only one entry - L1 and the count (no.of requests) is 30.
If we click on L1, it should show all the Level 2 names and their corresponding "no.of requests" in the pie chart. Is this drill down possible? (or) I am ok to have several pie charts in the same dashboard and enable to show only the specific linked levels when one is clicked in the pie chart (enabling filters that would filter respective level names and their counts).

Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Kibana doesn't have a lot of visualization support for the nested mapping field, which is I assume is what you would be using for this data. Usually it's easier to have all the data denormalized into individual documents, and then use aggregations for the visualizations.

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